Interested in advertising on our blog site?  We take great pride in showing off our advertisers. Here are several reasons why you should consider advertising on  

Quality not Quantity
We do not cover our home page with spam-ads like many websites do to make a cheap buck. Our look is aesthetically clean and professional while making your advertisement shine and not get lost in all of the clutter.

Demographic Audience and Delivery  
Our blog site is designed to capture the die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan. These fans are the most loyal fans around and make every attempt to stay on top of their team - pre, season, post and off season.
In an era of social media, you have to take advantage of all avenues to deliver your message. This is why we automatically syndicate our published posts to our Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and RSS feed accounts.

Unique Text Link Ad Placement Options
We have the following location categories and placement options for your text link advertisement.

Category A: Blog Sponsorship - Home page advertisement for 1, 3, 6 months or 1 year
(site-wide advertising availability)  
  • Skyscraper Section (see graphic below)
    • Prime location in the upper right-hand corner of our home page
    • Complimentary banner ad included   
  • "Paid Links" Section
    • Located in the left sidebar of our home page  
Category B: Article Sponsorship - Article advertisement stays live for the life of the post
  •  In an Article
    • We can add your text link ad in an upcoming article

Lets Get Started!
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