Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lakers are undefeated since JB's passing

Well lookie here, the Lakers have won 3-straight and are undefeated since Dr. Buss's passing. Also, the Lakers are now just one game under .500 with 25-games left in the regular season.

With more wins comes more hope for Laker fans but the looming question still remains - Will the Lakers make it into the postseason? According to the 2010-11 WC 8th seed record of 46-36 (excluding 2011-12 lockout season), the Lakers will have to win 18 of their remaining 25 games (losing only 7) to barely survive the regular season at the 8th spot.

If the Lakers don't clean up their act this late in the season, it will be just their 6th time not making the postseason since the franchise's inaugural season back in 1948-49. That's an overall 59-5 record (85% success rate) for making the playoffs.  

Lets skip hopeful hypotheticals and start talking about facts. Today was yet another monumental day for Kobe Bryant's HOF NBA career. He surpassed 31,000 points and becomes the youngest of the five legends who have already reached that milestone (34 years, 185 days). Congrats Kobe!

It's also a fact that the facilitating mamba has gone rogue these past couple of games. Since his winning 16-point performance against Boston, he's shot the ball 44 times and has scored a whopping 78-points. These individual top-heavy numbers will always be overlooked with a Laker win of course so no biggie. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lakers pay tribute to Dr. Jerry Buss

Tonight Lakers played their first game since the passing of Dr. Buss who died from an undisclosed form of cancer Monday morning. It was only fitting that his team would play against the Boston Celtics, a rivalry that would demand so much of his attention.

But before the first whistle would be blown, the Lakers, led by Kobe's heartfelt introduction, would pay their respects to the one man who made everything possible - Dr. Jerry Buss.

The video tribute was heart-wrenching with the hardest part being Kobe's addressing Buss's empty chair from his owner's box where he sat to watch his team play, for a moment of silence.

To commemorate Jerry Buss's successes and contributions to the franchise, each Laker will be wearing a special JB patch for the remainder of the season. We've added the patch design to the site's banner. 

Destiny called and the Lakers answered with fury. As a whole and with heavy heart, the Lakers beat the visiting Celtics 113-99. In honor of Dr. Buss's 10 championship trophies he brought to the organization (more than any previous owner), seven Lakers tonight scored 10 or more points. I honestly can't recall such a balanced game. 

You will be missed Dr. Buss.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr. Jerry Buss - The Poker Player

When Dr. Buss wasn't owning arguably the biggest franchise in NBA history, he was casually playing professional poker. One of his highlights I'm sure was when he was paired up against poker phenom Daniel Negreanu who is known to magically read cards. In this case Negreanu read a straight flush as the cards were dealt. Buss was eliminated from the tournament but inspired Daniel to purchase a Lakers jersey because of his luck.
Buss at 2009 WSOP

Dr. Buss's Poker Career
While many amateur players start off playing online poker, Dr. Buss jumped right into the scene and quickly made a name for himself among seasoned poker pro's. His best finishes included third in the 1991 World Series of Poker seven-card stud event and second place in the 2003 World Poker Tour Free-Roll Invitational. He has also appeared in the GSN series High Stakes Poker and the NBC late-night series Poker After Dark.

Source: Wikipedia

Dr. Gerald Hatten "Jerry" Buss - A Legacy Unmatched

If you were to walk inside STAPLES Center today, you will see a legacy left behind by just one man - Dr. Gerald Hatten "Jerry" Buss - who forever changed the face of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. All you have to do is look up at the rafters to see the decorated successes Dr. Buss has openly shared with the fans - Nine retired jerseys, and countless other championship mementos.

Pre-Showtime Era and Shaq/Kobe Dynasty

Blue prints will show the blood, sweat and tears from founding owners Sid Hartman, Ben Berger, and Morris Chalfen (1947-57).  The trio purchased the Detroit Gems for a modest $15,000. They then relocated the Gems to Minneapolis, Minnesota. With that move came the biggest gem of them all - a new team brand. Inspired by the States moniker, "Land of 10,000 Lakes", the Detroit Gems became the Minneapolis "Lakers". Who knows, the Gems might have been the better fit with all of glitz and glam Hollywood has to offer. 

With the help of Mikan and Mikkelsen, the Minneapolis Lakers were crowned the NBA's first ever  champions from the league's inaugural 1949-50 season. That championship season would spark four others from that era.  

In 1957 Bob Short purchased the Minneapolis Lakers. Short's decision to relocate the Minneapolis Lakers just before the 1960-61 season to Los Angeles, California would be the smartest franchise move yet - outside of future draft picks of course. Five years later Short would sell the Los Angeles Lakers to new owner Jack Kent Cooke for $5 million. Far from the franchise outset purchase of $15,000.

West, Chamberlain, Goodrich and Co. then gave the Los Angeles Lakers franchise their sixth championship banner from that NBA record-setting 33-game winning streak season in 1971-72.

The Showtime Era (1979-89) - Crafted by team owner Dr. Jerry Buss

in 1979 Jack Kent Cooke sold the team to real estate mogul Dr. Jerry Buss. His real estate developing skills came into play as he purchased the team at just the right time. His newly purchased team was already loaded with enormous talent. Kareem, Jamaal, Nixon, and Coop were all ready to win championships - there was just one missing piece. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

RareInk Launches NBA Photo-Art Collection To Highlight The 2013 NBA All-Star Game

RareInk, an official NBA art licensee, has unveiled a 200-piece collection of cutting-edge, photo-based artwork featuring past and present NBA players released in conjunction with the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

Available exclusively on, the NBA photo-art collection features iconic photographs that have been graphically enhanced by RareInk artists for stunning color and maximum resolution, providing the ultimate presentation for fan’s walls.  Each piece is produced using museum quality archival materials and is offered as either fine art paper prints ($69 and $109) or stretched canvases ($109 and $199). Every piece is a hand-numbered, limited-edition, with release numbers ranging from 100 to 250. 
“The goal of RareInk’s artwork is to capture the excitement and history of the NBA in a uniquely artistic way,” said Tim Muret, CEO of RareInk.  “Our new collection, featuring some of the leagues’ most iconic moments including NBA All-Star, is the perfect complement to our original art series and offers fans an incredible assortment of imagery to choose from as they look to decorate their home or office.”   
Highlights of the collection include a series featuring top moments of the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest including:  Michael Jordan’s famous free-throw line dunk (1988); Blake Griffin dunking over a car (2011); Spud Webb and Dominique Wilkens’ memorable matchup (1986); and Vince Carter’s electrifying performance in 2000. Additionally, every 2013 NBA All-Star is included in the collection.
About RareInk:
Based in Carlsbad, California, RareInk’s mission is to create extraordinary and accessible art for sports fans.  RareInk is committed to four key tenets: artistry, quality, authenticity and fan empowerment.

East Vs. West 2013 Celebrity All-Star Game Highlights

Here are the highlights of the East Vs. West 2013 Celebrity All-Star Game courtesy of NEWNBACIRCLE.

I was hoping Clyde The Glide would dunk that ball.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lakers cannot lose more than 10 games to make playoffs

Here are some stats that I put together:

We're 31 games into the season and the Lakers sit with a 24-27 regular season record.

The Lakers are 3 games under 50%. Statistically, the Lakers cannot lose more than 10 games to have a chance at making the playoffs.

In 2010-11, the Western 8th seed had a record of 46-36.

In 2009-2010, the 8th seed was 50-32.

The 2011-12 record is moot since the season was affected by the lockout (66 games, instead of 82). Kobe and Nash control this team - not D'Antoni. It is obvious that Kobe, Nash and Howard do not see any benefit from having a coach like D'Antoni. When D'Antoni tries to talk to players - no one seems to listen.

Thoughts by Loit Kaskla

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Dunk

You know we had to show you THE DUNK again. Need we remind you that Kobe is playing in his 17th season. 


He doesn't sit out with a concussion, sore back and shoulder, knee tendinitis, or an ankle turn. No. He simply plays through the pain. Plays like these remind us why we love the Lakers, specifically the Black Mamba. The man is a warrior from a different planet.   

Sunday, February 3, 2013

.4(SEC) x 24(KB) / 6(EC) = 2(PTS)

It happened again Laker fans. First Derek Fisher pulled it off and now Kobe and Earl Clark stops time.

With just .4 seconds left on the clock before entering the half and fresh off a Lakers timeout, Kobe Bryant surprises the defense by being the inbound passer. He sells a broken play only to execute a perfectly thrown alley-oop pass to a slashing Earl Clark for the dunk. Take a look for yourself.