Monday, December 9, 2013

How will Kobe grade himself against the Suns?

Kobe's biggest critic is Kobe and his harsh yet honest critique of his season debut performance was refreshing to watch, especially after seeing his teammates give the same old trained answers in their post-game locker room interviews.

Those lingering late night Laker fans who stay up to watch media do work are rewarded when Kobe approaches the mic. His raw non-scripted candor and quick-witted responses are always entertaining.

Click here to see Kobe's first game press conference via

 Favorite Kobe one-liners:

"Think the last time I had 8-months off, I was still in the womb"

"It's an F, for me its an F no question", in response to grading his season debut performance.

Kobe also answered some questions about The Empire Strikes Back that played in his intro and how much of a John Williams fans he is. He also said that Return of the Jedi is his favorite Star Wars movie.

Kobe season debut stats: 9 PTS / 8 REBS / 4 AST / 2 STL / 8 TO

How well will Kobe play tomorrow night against coach D'Antoni's, Wesley Johnson's and Nash's old team? Which grade will Kobe give himself?

We shall see.

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