Saturday, November 9, 2013

Laker fans can't wait to play NBA 2K14 on the PS4

As I picked up my reserved NBA 2K14 game for the PS4 next-gen console this past Friday, I couldn't stop feeling the anticipation of opening it to start tearing it up online. One problem though, I can't.

I don't remember that last time I picked up the latest NBA 2K game without having the console to play it. Regardless, as strange as it sounds nothing was stopping me from picking it up at my local GameStop. I had to have it in my hands. Die-hard NBA 2K gamers I'm sure did the same.

However I do remember grabbing my NBA 2K6 copy of Shaq on the cover the day I picked up the Xbox 360 console seven years ago. The reason for the switch is because I'm saving $100 for technically a better system and I own a PS Vita so it only makes sense.

I digress. I also picked up an extra PS4 controller the week prior. So what's next? Simulating game play with the new NBA 2K14 controls of course. Here I am trying to learn the new button controls with no visual reference to help guide me. A cool thing for your wife to catch you doing? No. Great preparation skills? Absolutely.

The PS4 launches on the 15th, less than a week away. The new hardware will allow for NBA 2K14 to be played in 1080p for the first time on a gaming console. Obviously PC gamers have been playing NBA 2K in high resolution for a while now. Graphically, PC is still the way to go, but from my experience, the online gaming experience pales in comparison to Xbox Live and the Sony PlayStation Network.

IGN has this video giving you a first look of how beautiful NBA 2K14 gameplay looks on the PS4:

Since I will be new to the Sony PlayStation Network, I don't have a gamer tag quite yet, but when I create mine I'll be sure to share it with everyone. See you online! Go Lakers!

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  1. Amazing graphics!Nice game play!So fun to play and an unquestionable requirement purchase for any NBA fan on the grounds that there is no other basketball game accessible which approaches..Just bad thing is the reliance on internet so as to edit rosters and rosters must be saved on the 2K servers.
    @John Walker.


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