Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kobe Bryant should be everybody's first fantasy pick

Last night the fantasy basketball league that I play in had its live draft over the internet. Yahoo auto picks each teams drafting position and luckily for me I got 3rd pick for the first round.

Coming into the draft I had already expected Kobe Bryant not to make the top 10 fantasy list because of his bruising NBA ranking at 25 but to see his name ranked as low as #44 per Yahoo! Fantasy was just ridiculous. To give you perspective of how horrid Kobe's placement is, Andrew Bynum is ranked #54. Thats just 10 spots from arguably the GOAT!

If someone told me that Andrew Bynum was ranked just 10 spots below Kobe I would've thought that Bynum had an unbelievable latter season. THE MAN PLAYED ZERO GAMES LAST SEASON AND HASN'T PLAYED A FULL SEASON SINCE 2006! I mean Bynum's as fragile and broken as a mishandled FedEx package.

Needless to say I picked Kobe as my first round pick and everyone else who plays fantasy basketball should do the same.

Kobe has never been as determined to prove critics wrong. What does he have to lose? He's coming closer and closer to retirement and his team has absolutely no expectations to go far this season, so really, Kobe only has to lose what is already expected of him.

Kobe is determined. His will is strong. He refuels with welcomed criticism. He's proven himself to the franchise and to the sport so whatever else he throws in at this point will be done his way and not orchestrated by upper management.

From having HUGE expectations to win another championship just a season ago to hopefully making the playoffs. Every Laker fan knows that the next couple of seasons are going to be for rebuilding around Kobe ride off into the sunset.

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