Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who can the Lakers steal for cheap?

Okay lets be realistic here, the Lakers being above the cap can only sign a player at the mini mid-level exception at $3.2 million or at the veteran's minimum at $1.4 million. With that being said the Lakers still have an opportunity to snag a good player to help strengthen their infamous weak bench.

I like what I just read on Lakers Nation about the possibility of acquiring Aaron Brooks or Carlos Delfino.

For many Laker fans, Brooks has been on their wish list for a while now but lately - for me personally - the once shiny image of him wearing a Laker jersey has become somewhat forgettable. Obviously, the signing of Nash did drastically help my amnesia but still, for the Lakers to pick up a player like Brooks would be a definite upgrade to a roster whose deep-rooted backcourt is engined by slower-paced point guards. Sessions was the last gleam of hope for the Lakers to match up well with the faster teams of the NBA.

Looking at Brooks' stats from last season, he averaged 11-points when getting 20+ minutes (28-games). He would be a great back-up for Blake who played well in the latter part of the season coming off injuries. One thing to consider though, both Blake and Brooks only played 45-46 games last season.

Remember, just 2 seasons ago, Brooks averaged 20-points w/ 5-assists. You can't ignore that kind of potential he brings to the floor, especially if key players fall again indicated by last season's asterisk.

Carlos Delfino brings in international experience which will mesh well in the locker room with Gasol, seeing that the organization is showing no sign of waiving him. Gasol did distance himself from the team, especially when he was sidelined by D'Antoni for several games last season. Perhaps, Delfino can lift Gasol's lingering dampened spirits from yesteryear's past.

As for Delfino's game, anyone who follows him knows he can do a little of everything. Lakers need that kind of balance coming off the bench. Heck the man played his best ball on the road last season, averaging 12-points in visited arenas, specifically in Phoenix's US Airways Arena where he averaged 22-points (2-games). If he follows suit next season, those numbers would definitely help the Lakers who struggle on the road, having won only 16-games. 

Other sources: Bleacher Report

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