Friday, June 7, 2013

Brian Shaw would be a great fit for the Lakers

Mike D’Antoni is not the preferable coach to lead the new Lakers team in 2014. When you rebuild a team, you want a coach that the players can trust and respect; D’Antoni is not that man. This summer there are at least four respectable coaches that may be willing to relocate: Lionel Hollins, Brian Shaw, George Karl and Nate McMillan. The aforementioned coaches can command respect from players and the fans while D’Antoni commands respect only at his domicile. Brian Shaw sticks out as an outlier as he has strong ties to the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson.

The 2012-13 season showed that D’Antoni doesn’t know how to use each player’s talents appropriately; Brian Shaw knows how to utilize all of his player’s strengths. D’Antoni was forcing Gasol to play near the high-post; D’Antoni overlooked Earl Clark as a viable small forward off the bench. The nepotism that D’Antoni practices is foolish at best since hiring his brother as an assistant coach. Brian Shaw is the first candidate that you need to attract Jackson back to the Lakers.

Phil Jackson has been traveling the nation promoting his new book, 11 Rings – appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and the Daily Show to name a few. Jackson may also be contemplating putting down roots for his next endeavor; front office leadership. Pundits have overlooked the inevitability that Phil Jackson will marry Jeannie Buss and that commuting to work with Jeanie would save time using the car pool lane! The year 2014 is a tremendous opportunity for the Lakers to hire Jackson as a front office executive who can help Mitch Kupchak recruit elite players like Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving. Having Phil Jackson in an executive role in 2014 will drastically increase the chances for the Lakers to rebuild the team successfully. Players will be compelled to play under the tutelage of an 11-time champion coach, Phil Jackson. 

By Loit Kaskla
Site Contributor

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  1. Paul George credited Shaw for his breakout season.


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