Saturday, May 4, 2013

@Sportiqe Lakers Tee Giveaway

Our good friends over at Sportiqe Apparel Co. are sponsoring our latest giveaway. Despite the early post-season exit, Laker fans shouldn't ponder on what could have been. In times like these, it's time for us to unite and support our team proudly.

What better way to do so than to wear the coolest Laker tees out there. Sportiqe has the hottest sports fashion apparel around. For your chance to win their shirt shown above (Size L) all you'll have to do is follow us and post a comment in reference to this giveaway.

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The winner will be announced in sometime this month. 

About Sportiqe Apparel Co.

Bringing fashion to every fan, Sportiqe Apparel merges casual sportswear with trend-driven designs for licensed apparel in the sports, music, food and corporate markets. Constantly looking towards the most current trends in fashion, Sportiqe has developed a niche in the licensed apparel industry with coveted styles that have been worn on the sidelines by celebrities, athletes, musicians, industry leaders and consumers alike.
Sportiqe was founded in 2006 by Jason Franklin and Matt Altman who wanted to develop a line of sporting wear with a fashionable boutiqe feel that people could connect to and fall in love with. Sportiqe’s apparel lines represent the culmination of intense research of current style trends designed on the most comfortable fabric selections. Thriving to narrow the gap between basics and casual fashion, Franklin and Altman leverage licensors to create more fashion-forward products to provide fans with apparel that they will be as proud to wear as who they root for.
Sportiqe is licensed with:
NBA; ESPN; Hometown Classics; Colleges and Universities; Playboy; Miller Coors; EA Sports; OAR Collection
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  1. Unlike teenage girls, many teen guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. They might find it quite challenging to put together an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish.


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