Monday, April 8, 2013

Dirk Nowitzki could’ve been a Laker

It is hard to imagine Dirk Nowitzki no longer wearing a Dallas Mavericks jersey, the only uniform he has donned throughout his 15 NBA seasons. But what is even more bizarre is the possibility of seeing Nowitzki wearing another team’s colors. It only seems right that the face of the Dallas franchise finishes his professional career with the team he led to its only league title. Not a lot of people know but the 7-foot, 34 year old star from Germany almost joined good friend Steve Nash with the Los Angeles Lakers, if the said rumors were to be true. There was supposedly a Nowitzki for Dwight Howard trade in the making before the All Star break, but things just didn't materialize between the two teams. Howard, who is a free agent at the end of the season, is someone the Mavericks are certainly interested in, however, probably not in exchange for Nowitzki. Imagine having a Lakers team with Nowitzki paired with Nash; then add in Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant, and you have the kind of perfect combination to fit coach D'Antoni's run and gun system.

Since joining the Mavericks in 1998, Nowitzki has led the Mavericks to 12 consecutive NBA Playoffs (2001–2012), including the Franchise's first Finals appearance in 2006 and only championship in 2011. He is an 11-time All-Star, 12-time All-NBA Team member, and first European-born player to win the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. He also holds several all-time Mavericks franchise records, such great accomplishments from a kid coming from the quiet city of Wuzburg, Germany.

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Dirk Nowitzki has said that his goal was to finish his career in Dallas, and that the only way he was going to leave was if he felt he wouldn't get the chance to compete for a title. He has already captured that elusive NBA title, and he may just get his wish to retire as a Maverick. But in the world of professional sports, anything can happen. If given another shot at Howard, Dallas might do what it takes to make it happen; even if it means dealing away the greatest player in the team's history. 

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