Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lakers pay tribute to Dr. Jerry Buss

Tonight Lakers played their first game since the passing of Dr. Buss who died from an undisclosed form of cancer Monday morning. It was only fitting that his team would play against the Boston Celtics, a rivalry that would demand so much of his attention.

But before the first whistle would be blown, the Lakers, led by Kobe's heartfelt introduction, would pay their respects to the one man who made everything possible - Dr. Jerry Buss.

The video tribute was heart-wrenching with the hardest part being Kobe's addressing Buss's empty chair from his owner's box where he sat to watch his team play, for a moment of silence.

To commemorate Jerry Buss's successes and contributions to the franchise, each Laker will be wearing a special JB patch for the remainder of the season. We've added the patch design to the site's banner. 

Destiny called and the Lakers answered with fury. As a whole and with heavy heart, the Lakers beat the visiting Celtics 113-99. In honor of Dr. Buss's 10 championship trophies he brought to the organization (more than any previous owner), seven Lakers tonight scored 10 or more points. I honestly can't recall such a balanced game. 

You will be missed Dr. Buss.

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