Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lakers are undefeated since JB's passing

Well lookie here, the Lakers have won 3-straight and are undefeated since Dr. Buss's passing. Also, the Lakers are now just one game under .500 with 25-games left in the regular season.

With more wins comes more hope for Laker fans but the looming question still remains - Will the Lakers make it into the postseason? According to the 2010-11 WC 8th seed record of 46-36 (excluding 2011-12 lockout season), the Lakers will have to win 18 of their remaining 25 games (losing only 7) to barely survive the regular season at the 8th spot.

If the Lakers don't clean up their act this late in the season, it will be just their 6th time not making the postseason since the franchise's inaugural season back in 1948-49. That's an overall 59-5 record (85% success rate) for making the playoffs.  

Lets skip hopeful hypotheticals and start talking about facts. Today was yet another monumental day for Kobe Bryant's HOF NBA career. He surpassed 31,000 points and becomes the youngest of the five legends who have already reached that milestone (34 years, 185 days). Congrats Kobe!

It's also a fact that the facilitating mamba has gone rogue these past couple of games. Since his winning 16-point performance against Boston, he's shot the ball 44 times and has scored a whopping 78-points. These individual top-heavy numbers will always be overlooked with a Laker win of course so no biggie. 

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