Sunday, February 3, 2013

.4(SEC) x 24(KB) / 6(EC) = 2(PTS)

It happened again Laker fans. First Derek Fisher pulled it off and now Kobe and Earl Clark stops time.

With just .4 seconds left on the clock before entering the half and fresh off a Lakers timeout, Kobe Bryant surprises the defense by being the inbound passer. He sells a broken play only to execute a perfectly thrown alley-oop pass to a slashing Earl Clark for the dunk. Take a look for yourself.


  1. John Ireland's call on the radio was great on this. I had to go home and watch it on DVR (I was in the car unfortunately).

    The closeout of the half was a nice statement (I was thinking) for the rest of the game. It could have been the piece that said - lets close this out even by giving up the lead - kinda thing.

    That being said - a win - a big win... followed by a bigger win without Pau (kinda) last night in Brooklyn.

  2. Ireland is doing a great job as the Lakers play-by-play. I like tuning in for the away games when I'm driving home from work. The man is a multi-tasking Bruin like you too. I see him on TV pre/post game, and I'm a big fan of his 710 ESPN AM radio show w/ Mason. He definitely knows his stuff.

    I like McDonald and Stu too but I think fans get a better feel for the game with a radio play-by-play announcer because they have to really try to paint the picture with their words rather than the broadcasters who know the viewers are seeing the same thing they are.


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