Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tyson Beck's Kobe Johnson

Laker fans if you don't follow Tyson Beck's work, you will now. Check out his latest master creation titled Kobe Johnson.

In Kobe's last three games he's averaging 13-assists. That's definitely Magic-ish. 

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  1. He's definitely committed to that pass this past few games. Although last night's Suns game NOBODY was moving towards the end and Kobe had to do what he has done in the past - take the shot.

    I'm looking at that game as just a bad end of a back to back. I'm looking at a 5-2 road trip winning all the next games except for the end of another B2B with the BobCats. 1 days rest and they will be up for the Heat game then back home to Staples Center.

    Very disappointing loss last night though. What a waste.

  2. I honestly had to knock out early but I fell asleep feeling pretty confident that the Lakers would win. I think they were up by 8 when I went to la la land.

    Then I woke up to SportsCenter highlight showing Kobe missing his left-handed layup. Well defended shot, yes, but he would make that 9-10 times.

    Tough defeat to take. I'd rather see the Lakers lose to a better team (on paper) than to lose to a struggling Suns team who are clearly in develop mode.

    I'm with you on the 5-2 road trip prediction. Considering the Lakers are 5-16 on the road, losing just two more on this road trip isn't that bad.


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