Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pau 6MOTY?

I know, I know...relax but Pau is playing well off the bench. The spaniard is handling the demotion adequately despite reported dissatisfaction of D'Antoni's decision.

In his inaugural 4-games as a reserve he's averaging 14-points/8-rebounds and is shooting 54% (FG). I understand it's just four games but let's give Gasol some credit here. The man has been on everybody's hit list for years now and should be acknowledged when he doesn't live up to expectations. ["doesn't" used in reference to this season's woes]

He's getting just a tad over 26-minutes when subbing in for Clark. Certainly minutes he's not used to but minutes regardless in the D'Antoni system that's still as acquired as the taste for salt and vinegar chips - eventually you'll like it.

Lakers are 1-3 with the...
...cheering alongside Sacre or playing alongside Duhon. It all depends on how full/empty your glass is I guess.

The above-mentioned accollades are a subtle reminder of the kind of talent the Lakers' bench just picked up or sat down in this case.

If you're wondering about Gasol's shooting efficiency vs Pringles chosen successor Earl Clark, read this article:

System Failure: Pau Gasol Must Come Off The Bench

Don't count Gasol out quite yet - D'Antoni might have something going here.

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  1. That being said - he's proving to be an asset off the bench right now in this highly critical time for the Lakers. 16 points off the bench with some key shots from, low and behold, an assist from Kobe.

    This is a good spot for Pau right now given DH12 plays up to his potential.

    But the most important stat of the day (aside form a W) is this: 21 Points, 14 Asists and 9 rebounds for Kobe Bryant.

    If Kobe continues to play like Magic... there might be magic!

    On a side note, thanks to Laker Liker for the opportunity to represent at the OKC vs Lakers game today at Staples Center. VIP treatment! It was great to watch the win... #19 is it? LOL More to come!

  2. Kobe with b2b 14-assists! I'm loving this! You're right, if Kobe continues on this path of becoming Magic Jr. then fans will be delightfully greeted with a revived sense of the Showtime era.

    Again, thanks for repping the site at the game today. Biggest win of the season I think. More to come!


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