Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lakers/Pistons Pre Super Bowl Squares

Hey Laker fans, what are you doing this Superbowl Sunday? Whether you're brave enough to spare your home or conveniently available to visit friends/family, you'll still be able to catch the Lakers/Pistons game at 10AM PST before all the Super Bowl festivities. This is great news for those die-hard NFL fans who can't miss a Lakers game. 

In the spirit of Super Bowl tradition, we here at Laker Liker want to try something new. Inspired by NBA Betting Odds, we've designed a Lakers/Pistons Pre Super Bowl Squares Sheet. The same rules that would apply to your Super Bowl Squares Pool would obviously apply here. The grid can be mixed up a little by playing based on individual player stat results per quarter rather than the traditional points per quarter. It's entirely up to you. For your Super Bowl Squares Grid we've found this cool website -

To view/print the Lakers/Pistons Pre Super Bowl Squares Sheet click on the image above or follow the link below.


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