Sunday, January 13, 2013

@kobebryant officially on Twitter

For those Laker fans who missed the memo, Kobe Bryant is officially on Twitter by the way of his @kobebryant handle.

His first tweet:
He's tweeted 43-times since. Just after Christmas I said that fans shouldn't expect an official Kobe Bryant Twitter account when I wrote about his overtaking of the @nikebasketball handle for just a couple of days to help promote his recently launched Nike Zoom Kobe 8 shoes. Literally days after he was hash-tagging mambatweets via his own blue check mark.

Here's some perspective of how crazy quick Kobe's popularity is - the @nikebasketball handle that he teased fans with currently has 475,000 followers. Kobe's nine-day-old account already has just over 811,000 followers.

Kobe is currently following 41 people. The list consists of many high profile people such as Oprah, Timberlake, George Lopez, Russell Simmons, Snoop Dogg, all to name a few. Strangely among those elite celebrities are no actively tweeting Laker legends like @MagicJohnson, @kaj33 or @James_Worthy42

Some say the socially tweeting Mamba is a bad idea as his team is on a 6-game losing streak (5 since hatching) but tonight that streak was snapped. The Lakers beat the worst team in the league, the Cleveland Cav's, 113-93. They're crawling back up and are now 5-games below .500.

If you're married to the Lakers like I am, following @Lakers and @kobebryant is a must.



  1. I might have to divorce the Lakers. :( Ugh. I'm on the trade Howard bandwagon!

  2. Same here Glenn. I hate to say it but his only presence as of late is from the defensive end.

    Perhaps the organization should look into hiring a mentor to help build team morale.

    A twitter follower has suggested D. Fish. I say yes!

  3. Great suggestion.Leadership should have been rubbing off from both Kobe and Nash - but that takes time. When you've been 'the one' for so long under a team that relies on you and only you, and you didn't work well with last coach, and aren't getting anything from 'this coach', what happens with next team that has another star? I think Howard is use to the fact that he can be #1 defensive player with ball going into him - but won't ever win a championship unless he has support.

  4. I wish Kobe can be that leader. His teams needs his support. They're all intimidated by him.

    It's too bad Kobe struggles with sharing the spotlight. He'd be one hell of a mentor/leader if he'd learn how to encourage his teammates rather than self-glorify amidst of a failing season with little hope for the playoffs.

    I'd personally rather see Kobe average -20 points and see his team win games collectively and with better ball movement.

    Great talk Glenn! If I would've known you were a Lakers fans I would've premised a friendly debate among fellow Lakers fans about Kobe's ball-hogging ways at the party. Haha.


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