Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Does Dwight want to be traded?

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A recent UCLA study concluded that; “93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues.”  Nonverbal communication is the single most powerful form of communication and by the looks of the Lakers faces and body language in the closing minutes of tonight's loss against the Memphis Grizzlies (MEM 106-LAL 93), there's plenty wrong with this team.

Having only won twice entering the new year, an implode of the current roster is yet again the inevitable but whose name(s) will be on the chopping block come trade deadline?

Lets start by pointing out the obvious - Head coach D’Antoni has yet to execute an effective lineup from arguably the best roster in the league. Perhaps it is his fault or maybe the index finger should be pointed at the players, regardless something or someone has to change.

This system, whatever it may be, is clearly not working and clearly the wrong players are running it. The teams nemesis is Kobe offense. I'm still seeing too much of it. Kobe ISO - everyone else watch and hope for a rebound to come their way for scrap points, is getting really old.

Yes Kobe is the only shot creator on the team, but why not set more pick and rolls? The team has plenty of jump shooters, heck even the Lakers big men can stroke it - Gasol and Clark have shown consistency in their mid-range game.

One thing's for certain, Dwight Howard is showing signs of egress. He's playing with little intensity. Defenses have shut him down because of his predictable post game and his frustrations have led to several ejections already. His offense is out of rhythm, so can the Lakers still rely on his defense and rebounding? Well, his health is starting to decline again and the smallest reason to not suit up will certainly delight an already grinning Dwight Howard.  

With that being said, is it safe to assume that Dwight wants to be traded from this once promising Lakers roster? I'm sure his dream of getting his first championship ring through such a prestigious organization has unfortunately turned into his own Dwightmare. Oh the irony. 

On paper Howard's stat's so far this half season look favoring (17-pts/12-rebs/2-blks), but any Laker fan will tell you that those numbers are very misleading. Again, this might not be entirely his fault. Dwight himself has shared his discontent with the D'Antoni system.

It's painstakingly clear though that the Lakers look miserable out there. They look as distant and out of touch as fanny pack wearers. There's absolutely no leadership present and Kobe really needs to step up in that department. Why not give an occasional chest bump when his teammates play well? Why not root for them like Sacre does? Why not smile and say "good job" more often? All these things will easily raise team morale and build chemistry.

These are the characteristics I wish Kobe had in him. You can see that his teammates are intimidated. They're even afraid to shoot the ball near him. All shots come from the weak side when he's on the floor. The potential is there, Kobe just needs to help expose it.

Magic was the quintessential leader who made his teammates better. Kobe just isn't Magic.

Co-Written By Loit Kaskla


  1. Wow your a kobe hater

  2. Far from it actually. To be is true Kobe fan is to not just acknowledge his triumphs but to also point out his faults.

    To ignore his weaknesses would be irresponsible as a fan. In fact we're Kobe Bryant fans before the team. He is the sole reason for the inception of this blog.

    What we say are strictly our opinions. Just because this blog screams Lakers doesn't mean our thoughts are bias. We have an obligation as fans to talk about all that surrounds Kobe and right now he's struggling. That's a fact.

    The teams needs his leadership not just on the floor but more importantly in the locker room.

  3. Diantoni's strategy is biting him in the arse... after reading "Seven Seconds or Less" and DiAntoni's refusal to let Kobe take over while locking down everyone else is exactly what's happening now.

    It's possible that other teams are just locking down everyone else, contesting other's shots more than trying desperately to lock Kobe down. Hence, nobody else scores, Kobe shoots for 30-40. Lakers lose.

    That being said, Suns beat the Lakers in that series but who did the Lakers have at center? Kwame Brown!?!

    The irony (and I hate using irony) Dwight Howard isn't doing more than what Kwame Brown would have done.

    That's the Lakers season right there.

    Kobe scores - No Defense = Lose.

  4. For Kobe to ask DH12 if he is difficult to play with is acknowledgement that he is in fact hard to play with.

    My favorite player in the NBA is Kobe (then Durant for reasons here ( Lol, but it's difficult for others Kobe expects to play at a high level to play with Kobe. At least this is how it appears.

    You are what other's perceive you to be.

    That being said - those who can't play to Kobe's expectations - obviously aren't willing to put out the work effort while putting the ego aside in order to achieve the ultimate goal: A Team Championship vs a comfortable atmosphere where a Championship is 'nice' but not worth the work.

    There is a reason why Kobe and Shaq did win at least 3 more together. Work ethic.

    Both LeBron and Dwight took their teams to the Championship - but, as proven, you can't win the big one alone. To win 4 games out of 7 against a team that is just as capable, a team playing together will most likely beat a player dominating in that series.

    Dwight is used to that type of team - ball goes to him, everyone supports. It's not going to happen in LA no matter what Buss is running the team.

  5. @DadWithAPen - Loving the commercial BTW. Your son is a natural talent.

    I couldn't agree with you more. D'Antoni's system and/or the players he uses to run it is not working to say the least.

    He's had ample time (I think) to adjust accordingly with the kind of talent he has to tamper with...but you can't mix water with vinegar no matter how hard you try.

    Buss had a vision to reignite the D'Antoni/Nash era in L.A. but honestly PJ would've been the right man for the job with this current roster. D'Antoni's hay day was 10 years ago and Nash is what, 39 now?

    "Seven Seconds or Less" is more like a shot clock violation now. By the time the Lakers get a decent look at the basket, 23 seconds have passed.

    Jim Buss (ego) is ruining this franchise. He's too reactive. I can only imagine a Donald Trump pointing the finger and firing everyone in the exec meetings.

    I agree, to play with Kobe is to meet a much higher level of game play. If teammates anchor him down he will go for 30-40 FGA however I he sees that his teammates are contributing he will look for them. I'm seeing that now.

    The void from his fellow players, and the pressures to win are all causing haste on the floor with no results. If Kobe doesn't play well, the teams true colors are exposed.

    1. The true colors have been exposed. Break the "D" at the top, drive down the middle and score.

      No help - and once the help comes and they decide to play ball, it's too late.

      I was thinking about Bickerstaff and the Lakers success when he was interim - it's not really much different than what's happening now.

      So for those to say just give it back to Bickerstaff and bite the losses of DiAntoni, nothing will really change.

      Lakers get into spurts of 'wow'. They catch the other side on their heels. But then once an "adjustment" is made, the Lakers are stopped.

      They had a real chance against Miami last week. So we know they are capable. They beat New York. Capable. They have 3 quarters of good, one quarter of bad. Capable.

      Problem is - they get in their own way and screw it all up.

  6. I believe the Lakers were up entering half time in the Miami game but everything fell apart in the second half. Games like these only lead to the all-too familiar "morale victory". I'm personally done feeling good about losses. We need actual W's now.

    Oh yea and Howard needs to make his FT's. Haha.

    1. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to an underachieving team is the saying, "Encouraging Loss". I've made comments to @coachdavemiller about these very sayings because, in the end, after an "Encouraging Loss" it leads to, well, another regular loss.

      To me, an "Encouraging Loss" is one where a team is in a complete rebuilding phase and are finding themselves as they climb the ladder to success.

      In the case of an underachieving and most disappointing team that was EXPECTED to be in the top ranks and finals this year - there's no such thing as a "morale victory" or "Encouraging loss."

      A morale victory is one where they walk into a back to back and beat a team they aren't supposed to beat - not lose a game they were supposed to win.

      That being said - Lakers won tonight. That's, in not so many words, a victory. If they win again - we can look back and say THAT was the morale victory that sparked many more W's.

  7. Good point...that's what I meant to say, "Encouraging Loss". They've had way too many of those. Tonight was a great win. I wasn't able to catch the game tonight but the highlights and box score look great.

    I'm glad the big men played well. Gasol needed that boost of confidence. Momentum - Lakers 1.

    I'm still puzzled with Nash's season low 2 assists though. Still, 11 FGA is all fans are asking of him. With his efficiency, the more he shoots the better.

    Wow Kobe only shot the ball 10 times? That's great! Facilitator Kobe is my fave.

  8. Gasol has proven to be a great leader that nobody hears. His production was based on 'his' philosophy of having minutes cut and having to be more aggressive.

    As a starter now coming off the bench - those actions speak: I'll do whatever it takes for this TEAM to win a championship. I want to hear that from other 'leaders'.

  9. I've personally jumped off the Gasol train because the majority of the time he plays as if he weighs 10 lbs.

    If Gasol played like he did last night on a consistent basis then I would jump back on that train.

  10. I hear you - especially during the playoffs. But lets say he does - and Howard plays like he did against Utah... that would be a championship team.


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