Saturday, June 30, 2012

L.A. picks up two Odom's

Yes the Clippers got Lamar Odom back to L.A., adding another inflamed flame to the bunkmate rivalry but heck the Lakers did get a great guard prospect in Darius Johnson-Odom. 

After making big roster moves on the trade deadline last season the Lakers found themselves losing both of their 2012 first round picks in the shuffle. Despite the setback, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak was determined to make the most of what limited arsenal he had.

Here's how the 2012 NBA Draft went for the Lakers:

Lakers purchased Dallas' second round draft pick (55th overall) for roughly $500,000, picking up Marquette guard Darius Johnson-Odom and also selected Gonzaga center Robert Sacre with their 60th and final pick of the 2012 NBA draft.

If these two players officially make the roster after training camp here's how they can add depth to the Lakers bench:

Last season as an MU Eagle Darius Johnson-Odom averaged 18 PTS and 3 AST while getting 33 minutes of PT. Darius isn't afraid to shoot the ball behind the arc either having averaged 6 3PA. In a loss against Georgetown last season he had 11 3PA - only dropping in 4. He needs to shoot better consistently in order to help the Lakers' 3PT shooting.

Last season as a GU Bulldog Robert Sacre averaged 12 PTS and 6 REBS while getting 26 minutes of PT. Being he's a 7-foot center, Sacre instantly adds height. He also shot 76% at the charity stripe making 150 of his 197 FTA. Not bad for a big man.

Can these two late second round draft picks secretly be among the NBA's future elite?

The odds are heavily stacked against them. Since the NBA draft went to two rounds, only 11 second-rounders have gone on to become All-Stars: Ginobili, Jeff Hornacek, Dennis Rodman, Cedric Ceballos, Nick Van Exel, Antonio Davis, Michael Redd, Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Boozer, Rashard Lewis and Marc Gasol.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Lakers appear clueless and sound ridiculous."?

Photo by
T.J. Simers, a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times wrote an interesting article today that I'm sure will raise many eye brows.

Below are excerpts but you be the judge, click here to read his article in its entirety.

His opening statement begins:
 "Listen to yourselves, Lakers fans." "Reread your email and look in the mirror: You appear clueless and sound ridiculous."
"The Lakers are doomed to fail over the next two seasons and you are only kidding yourself if you think something can be done to change it."
He continues to say:
"Like the fading MVP chants in Staples, try as he will, there's just not enough left to muster another championship run."
"Kobe hit 43% of his shots this season on bolstered confidence, his worst shooting performance since starting one game his second season in the league."
"The best closer in the game, as he is so often described, really is no longer the best."
His closing statement:
"I'm telling you, it is so much easier to be a Clippers fan. No expectations, no crazy talk about getting better, not even a general manager on the payroll with the NBA draft and free agency set to begin this week."

So, is Mr. Simers' article a product of convenient timing knowing very well that the Miami Heat just won their first title since acquiring LeBron? Is he fishing for bandwagon approval?

Kobe fan or not, you can't ignore the discouraging stats that he's provided. What do you think? Is he telling the truth or is he just another hot topic writer rehashing the obvious with no care for the peripheral?


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pic of the week

This photo was submitted by John Chadwell, a fan of the site. The photo - taken early last month - shows his brother-in-law Deputy Chief Carlos Rojas of the Santa Ana Police Department with coach Mike Brown.

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