Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kobe's broken nose and broken foes

Chris Mullin said it best today on ESPN SportsCenter, "Kobe doesn't feel pain" but if he did the Black Mamba would be as active as an injury prone Andrew Bynum with all the hits he's taken throughout his 15 1/2 year NBA career.

This past weekend during the all-star game Kobe fell victim from yet again another beat defender. Dwayne Wade frustratingly gave a hard foul to a passing Kobe Bryant. This was [in my opinion] a distasteful move by Wade, especially in a game where the chosen elite come out only to please the fans.

Kobe shocked from the hard foul on such a stage nudged it off as if swaying away a pesky fly. His [fractured] nose took the brunt of Wade's weak attempt at the ball and now Kobe is day-to-day, meaning team captain will most likely miss tomorrow's game versus the visiting Timberwolves.

Thanks Wade.

Click on "Read more" just below the share buttons to view our video collage of broken foes (some now teammates) whose motto was, "if you can't beat'em, beat'em".

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Players-Only Meetings Please

Yesterday it was reported by the L.A. Times that the Lakers had a players-only meeting in the midst of Gasol trade rumors (again) and an unreserved Kobe Bryant speaking to the media about his frustrations for the Lakers organization. Such a meeting was long overdue.

Apparently something worked from that get together as the visiting Lakers beat the reigning champs 96-91 to begin their back-to-back road trip carrying must needed momentum into OKC before hitting the All-Star break.

Lakers did win convincingly over the Blazers just the other night but still the victory was quickly rained on with sports radio expecting L.A. to beat the struggling team. Tonight was an opportunity to silence the airwaves by beating a very tough Dallas team with a home record of 13-6. Objective complete.

Free-throws were an issue in the closing seconds of tonight's game (2-8) but still the offensive balance displayed among the Lakers first unit should stand out above all. Four starters scoring in double figures? Now "that will get it done" - Stu Lantz.

Whats next for L.A.? The very hot OKC Thunder who have always given the Lakers trouble with their run and gun offense. Actually they've given almost every opponent trouble. We all know that the Lakers kryptonite is a fast opponent. This will be the Lakers toughest match-up so far this season.

OKC and Miami have the best records in the league, 26 wins/7 losses. Thunder have won 4-straight (L10: 8-2) and have only lost once at home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lakers lost their swagger and now look staggered

There is too much talk about the Lakers needing a point guard. L.A. tends to forget about the "Showtime" era and the swagger that the Lakers once had. Bringing Dwight Howard to the team will revive that lost swagger.

Dwight Howard will bring Showtime back, period.

The Showtime Lakers meant having swagger, excellent basketball and likability. As a Lakers fan, do I like the current team? No. Does this team have swagger? No.

I take that response in two parts.

1. The roster is strange and the Lakers have lost their strut. It only takes one individual to bring back that confident prance as is evident with the Knicks in Jeremy Lin.

2. The Lakers should put a star in. The Lakers need to put a star like Dwight Howard on the team. Kobe cannot do everything alone. People also need to remember that the NBA is entertainment. Laker fans are not being entertained. Shannon and Lamar took a big chunk of that Laker entertainment with them this past off-season. 

Dwight Howard is an excellent player. Howard is charismatic; a commodity that the Lakers are currently deficient in. After you bring charisma to the Lakers, then you will find the proficient point guard.

Let's drop the idea of just getting a point guard. We need to rebuild with Howard and Kobe. Bring Showtime back.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The less Kobe scores the more Lakers win

This season the Lakers are 4-5 when Kobe puts up 20 or less points.
  • Dec. 31st - Kobe scores 17 points - Lakers beat Denver 92-89
    • Bynum - 29pts/13reb
    • Kobe season high (4x) 9 assists
    • Kobe shoots 33% (6-18 FG) 
  • Jan. 1st - Kobe scores 16 points - Lakers lose to Denver 99-90
    • Bynum - 18pts/16rebs
    • Gasol  - 20pts/11rebs
    • Kobe shoots 21% (6-28 FG)
  • Jan. 16th - Kobe scores 14 points - Lakers beat Dallas 73-70
    • Bynum - 17pts/15rebs 
    • Kobe - 7 assists
    • Kobe shoots 32% (7-22 FG)
  • Feb. 3rd - Kobe scores 20 points - Lakers beat Denver 93-89
    • Bynum - 22pts/10rebs
    • Gasol - 13pts/17rebs
    • Kobe shoots 30% (7-23 FG)
    • Kobe - 9 assists
  • Feb. 14th - Kobe scores a season low 10 points - Lakers beat Atlanta 86-78
    • Bynum - 15pts/15rebs
    • Gasol - 20pts/13rebs 
    • Kobe shoots 28% (5-18 FG)
Is the success in the team winning when Kobe scores in low numbers (to his standards) a result of him sharing the ball more, him shooting poorly making other teammates jump in to help or the big men getting the touches they need to catch any kind of offensive rhythm?

Either way, anytime there's ball movement that leads to an equilibrium of points distribution the chances the team will get a w are pretty good.

Sources: Yahoo! Sports
Photo credit: Getty Image

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kobe's game winner over the Raptors

Lakers almost blew an 18-point first half lead, actually they were down by four late in the game but luckily for coach Brown his late fourth quarter Kobe offense worked this time. Kobe sunk a late 3-pointer and then stole the ball from a rogue Kleiza that led to a Metta lay up - assist Kobe. Kobe wasn't done there as he silenced the Canadian crowd with his baseline jay-eh. See video clip.
(excuse the poor audio quality)

Lakers end their Grammy Awards road trip with a 3-3 record, fittingly a mediocre record that sums up their mediocre season so far.

Game Highlights and Box Score courtesy of NBA.com

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Yellow Mamba strikes in New York

The Los Angeles Lakers look to win two in row from their grueling 6-game road trip (longest of the season) in Madison Square Garden but fail to study up on 2-year point guard Jeremy Lin who is averaging 25 points from his last three games coming into tonight's game. It's Lin-sanity for crying out loud. His name is plastered everywhere in NYC.

Everyone knows that Kobe likes to shine especially bright playing in MSG (averages 30pts) and rarely disappoints when given such a stage but tonight the Black Mamba was struck by a deadlier Yellow Mamba of the Jeremaspis Linepis serpent family.

Who is this undrafted Jeremy Lin kid? Its not expected that a basketball player from an ivy league school like Harvard prevail in the NBA right? Lin who is Chinese-American from Palo Alto, California has proven to be the next best thing since Yao Ming in just four games.

To give you some perspective of how well Lin is playing right now, in his rookie season last year he averaged just 3 points playing in only 29 games and only scoring in double digits in two of those 29 games.

Today, playing in his second season he's averaging (lets count his last four games) 28.5 points and 8 assists. Unbelievable! This goes to show that a superstar can be born when given quality minutes and trust from his coach. From being just another (very deep in rotation) scrub to now being 78% owned in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy leagues. Jeremy Lin is no fluke, he is the real deal.

Tonight Lin scores a game/career high 38 points and pretty much anatomized the Lakers like he did back in his Harvard lab days.  

In an ending note - The NBA has been deemed less "amazing" this season and should be very thankful that Jeremy Lin has single-handedly reawakened not just Knicks fans but all fans, particularly of the Asian community.

Photo credits: Getty Images

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Philly to welcome their 5th all-time NBA scorer

On this 4th day of February 2012, Kobe Bryant needs just 50 points to pass Shaq as 5th all-time NBA scorer in regular season points.

The stage is set for Kobe to set his newest mark on treacherous territory. What a covert opportunity to make a personal statement in his native town of Philadelphia.

Kobe's Dad Joe "Jellybean" Bryant played for the Sixers back in the day and Philly expected their hometown high school superstar athlete to follow suit but evidently that wasn't the case. Many say this reason alone shouldn't have justified such hatred and that there's other reasons for their discontent.

If Kobe scores 25+ points tonight in Utah then there's a pretty good chance he'll become the 5th all-time NBA scorer on the very same stepping grounds that paved the way for all of this to happen.