Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why the Lakers are losing

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  1. Surprisingly, there are some issues that the Lakers need to address. These few issues have not been addressed by D'Antoni:

    1. The Lakers defense is very poor. The defense only seems to show up in the third or fourth quarter.
    2. Dwight needs to step up his defense and free throws; he also needs the ball more often!
    3. Turnovers - Multiple turnovers in games lets an opponent cruise to a lead, especially if 19 turnovers turn into more than 20 points!
    4. Bench Rotations - Coach D has yet to figure out which players should work together.
    5. The Team is not Inspired - When one watches a Lakers game, you can tell that the team lacks chemistry - they are not inspired. Lakers fans may remember the Nuggets game a few weeks ago when the entire team played together well. Unfortunately, we have not seen that kind of synergy since.
    6. Wrong Coach - Sorry Mr. D'Antoni, you are not the coach for the Lakers. Only Phil Jackson can inspire the core group, along with the new players. The triangle offense would be perfect for this team.
    7. D'Antoni vs. Jackson - Cerebral coach = Jackson. D'Antoni = emotional.
    8. Apple vs. Microsoft - The current roster is Apple. D'Antoni wants to convert to Microsoft. Phil is the Apple coach. The current Lakers roster is not compatible with D'Antoni.



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