Friday, December 7, 2012

Lakers lose to Thunder despite shooting barrage

The only consistency the Lakers have shown so far this season is that they can win one game and lose the other. Beating a very tough OKC team who were 15-5 (9-2 home), and ranked no. 1 offensively entering tonight's game would take an absolute miracle, or at least an absolute heavy shooting barrage from the Lakers. Mission accomplished but still no win. How fair is that?

The Westbrook/Durant duo quickly reminded fans why the Lakers were only able to take one game against them in the semi-finals. Westbrook and Durant combined for 69-points. Those two are so crazy good it's not even funny. We're talking about the top-ranked #2 and #6 scorers in the league that happen to play on the same team. All that the Lakers really could do is pick their poison. 

With his slashing quickness and deadly shooting skills Westbrook is today's quintessential super guard. If teams fail to contain him, they will have a very tough time competing, especially when they have to worry about guarding Kevin Durant as well.  

Despite the 114-108 loss, L.A. actually played well. I mean well enough to match up statistically in FG's. Lakers shot 36-84, where as the winning team shot 41-84. That's as close as you'll want to be against a high scoring team like OKC. Lakers outscored the Thunder 3 out of 4 quarters, but the 2nd quarter was where the game was won for OKC. In those twelve minutes Westbrook scored 14-points and Durant, 15. Their combined 29-points outscored the Lakers 26-point production that quarter. Westbrook ended the half with 27.     

Thunder is the better team right now, Lakers are just not healthy enough to beat the elite. Fans shouldn't walk with their head held down tomorrow. Like Worthy said, this was an encouraging loss...a loss that the team can build on.

Standout individual performances:

Kobe Bryant - 35 points / 7 assists
Dwight Howard - 23 points / 18 rebounds
Chris Duhon - 14 points (4-7 beyond the arc)

Lakers bench: Jodie Meeks scored 17-points and had 5 rebounds in 20 minutes.

Kevin Durant - Game high 36-points w/ 9 boards
Russell Westbrook - 33-points and 8 assists

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