Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lakers are 1-9 when Kobe scores 30+ points

On a night when Kobe's 30K milestone was announced to a home crowd, a victory for No. 5 on the list of NBA top-scorers is only fitting. That's not going to happen. Lakers lose 110-117.

Right from the tip-off Utah quickly set the tempo with an 8-0 run. The home crowd were still clapping from Lawrence Tanter's announcement when Utah scored their 8th point.   

Defense is still an issue 21-games into the season and consequently Lakers lose their second straight by the visiting Utah Jazz who are now on a 3-game winning streak. Lakers have yet to do so this season.

Jazz had 54-points in the paint versus L.A.'s 34. This stat will drive fans insane. With a superstar cast like L.A.'s, having allowed so much inside damage is a slap in the face. Where's Howard, Hill, weak side help? Who's taking accountability for the defensive void? The team or individual players?
Either way, Jazz outran the Lakers scoring 19 fast-break points versus a measly Lakers 4-points. 14 L.A. turnovers did not help either and Utah took full advantage by scoring 25-points from each and every one of them.

Full court transition defensive specifically is what's killing the Lakers. They're just not running back fast enough. All I'm seeing is a bunch of whining at no-calls while the other team is running down court.

There's no doubt that the Lakers can score as they're averaging 98-100 points a game. Tonight there were six Lakers in double digits, but the fact remains, their D is clinging to life. A 9-12 record (11th in the western conference) is a reflection of that.

Something to consider - Lakers are 1-9 when Kobe scores 30 or more points. This will tell one or two things - Kobe only cares about individual stats which by the way only fuels the hatred for Kobe-Haters or he has little trust in his teammates who are struggling to carry the load. Regardless, Kobe's FGA's are way too lopsided. Yes defensive is the reason why they're losing games but it certainly doesn't help so see Kobe's point production so uneven next to his teammates

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