Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kobe on Twitter via @NikeBasketball

Laker Fans who eat and breathe all that is social media, specifically those who live on their Twitter TL have been waiting for the Black Mamba to become the inception Twitter egg like the rest of us once were when we created our accounts. The only difference is his egg would grow into a flock of a million birds faster than the first few characters of our first tweet.

The day has finally arrived - Kobe Bryant is on Twitter Laker tweeps! Well at least via Nike's handle @NikeBasketball for the time being.

Just days ago, fans were reading Kobe's thoughts via his website, and facebook page but never would they have thought he'd be tweeting. When asked before, Kobe's expressed his disinterest to join Twitter to the media so really there's no expectations of an official Kobe Twitter account however his taking over the Nike handle will definitely do for now!

Hypothetically speaking, if Kobe were to create his own Twitter account, I can confidently assume that he would beat Lady GaGa's Twitter following of roughly 32 1/2 million followers within hours. Kobe is world renown - just look at his fan base in China alone.    

On Christmas day Nike announced that a special guest would be taking over the account handle. Kobe later made things official:

As of Dec. 26th (11:30AM) he's tweeted a total of ten times, mainly to help spotlight his latest Nike Zoom Kobe 8 shoe but he's been gracious enough to share several personal thoughts and photos in the process, my favorite photo here:

Great pic of the Bryant's. Don't forget to follow Kobe Bryant @NikeBasketball.

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