Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Henderson's missed layup continues Lakers winning momentum

Can the Lakers win their third straight for the first time this season? Odds are they will against the 7-16 Charlotte Bobcats who have lost 11-straight coming into tonight's game.

Yes, the Lakers get the W but truly do not deserve it. They will be coming in this Saturday to read and re-read whatever they forgot to read this past off season.

This keeping it too close against really bad teams stuff has to stop. Really. Lakers had to get a massive 4th quarter run to make this game even competitive to begin with and then defend in the closing seconds to maintain their one point game winning lead that was created by Kobe offense

Charlotte didn't deserve to win either if Henderson made that wide open layup to potentially win the game. The game was fugly but Laker fans will take the win, especially when their team was down by 18 at one point.

If anybody deserves the game ball it would be Kobe who bails out his team yet again. He had a team high (duh) 26-points. He should pass the game ball to the bench though. Their combined 41-points outscored Kobe's fellow starters' production at 30. MWP had 15-pts and Meeks ended the night with 17. 

Gasol returns from knee tendinitis and put in a fair contribution of 10-points and 9-rebounds. Still showed hesitance to drive in the lane and settled for mid-range shots. 

While the Lakers get their 3rd consecutive win, Howard gets his 3rd straight double double scoring 16 and grabbing a game high 17 rebounds.   

A great sigh of relief and a win. We'll take it! Keep in mind that D'Antoni didn't play Jamison or Hill. Winning without their help is indicative of a deep bench. That's a really good thing.

Post game info courtesy of NBA.com

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