Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why hiring D'Antoni or Dunleavy would be a mistake

Yesterday I was getting ready to watch the Mav's/Bobcats game on NBATV and much to my delight the pregame show spotlighted the talk of the town regarding the big possibility of the Lakers organization bringing back Phil Jackson.

Here is the interview with NBA analyst David Aldridge with his insight about the latest discussions surrounding the Zen Master. 

I think the only hope this Lakers team has to be successful this season is to bring back PJ. This nonsense I'm reading about the organization also interviewing Dunleavy and D'Antoni I hope is just standard protocol for paperwork sake. 

Laker fans want and expect immediate results and Dunleavy or D'Antoni will fail with that premise, especially with a superstar cast like this site's banner. Even though Dunleavy's coaching debut was a successful one for the Lakers back in the early 90's, the operations and talent level of those other tenants that he used to coach and manage for at the Staples Center pales in comparison. He would need time to adjust.

I have to admit though, hearing D'Antoni's name come up following Brown's departure put a smile on my face because I remembered how well he coached Nash and how efffective those two ran that famous Phoenix Suns offense. Bringing Mike D'Antoni on board and adopting that fast-paced offense would only make logical sense right? Then that smile quickly turned into a frown when I realized that those hay days in Phoenix were four years ago. I had completely forgotten about his recent coaching struggles with the Knicks and how he just gave up and resigned last season. The Lakers can't afford that kind of karma.

Even though Phil did leave on disappointing terms, he also left with a sense of unfinished business. We all know that he deserves to ride off into the sunset, and this roster can deliver that photo op. Phil can deal with big ego's and more importantly can deflect from Kobe's death stares.         

The Buss family and Phil Jackson are a smart bunch and I believe they can put aside their differences for the better of the team.

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