Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I direct TV where DirecTV doesn't

I am as die-hard as they come to idolizing the Los Angeles Lakers, so when you take away my ability to watch them play from the comfort of my chaise, you better get ready to deter from MY death stare.

Fans finally get the roster they've been dreaming of but thousands of them still can't see the broadcasted version of it because of the new partnership between the team and Time Warner Cable SportsNet who have exclusive televised coverage.

How could the Lakers organization neglect to see before inking in this 20-year $4 billion contract, that this move would affect so many Laker fans? I've personally been affected by it and I'm outraged. 

I live in an area where the only cable providers are Cox Communications and Satellite Dish Networks, such as DirecTV. It just so happens to be that Time Warner Cable SportsNet has negotiated contracts with every other cable provider [and their mother] but Cox and Satellite Dish Providers and consequently its customers are left in the abyss of complete darkness. I can't even purchase NBA League Pass because I am categorized as "local" since I live in Southern California and Lakers games would be blacked out because of my zip code. What? So you're telling me that I can't watch my favorite "local" team because I live too close to their venue? Maybe I should just move out of state.

Before I digress let me also throw in that I've resorted to streamed Laker games (see above snap shot) to substitute my viewing pleasures. Yes, the ad banners are as big as the Staple Center floor, and every five minutes I have to click out of an annoying pop up that blocks my view but it will have to do until an accordance is met.

As I watch tonight's streamed Lakers game via a virus detecting foreign program that I have no clue of, just feet away from my 50" HD TV mind you, I've been privileged to watch a pixelated Gasol shoot a game losing 3-pointer against the visiting San Antonio Spurs. Nothing adds to the wound like a pixelated loss and unwanted ads blocking my view.

Go Lakers!


  1. I watch all NBA, NCAA. NFL,and MLB games streamed live from 2 european sites- no charge or registering! Don't download their apps. Try different links shown and be patient. Everybody should have an ad blocker installed! thefirstrow.eu and vipboxsports.eu Enjoy the games before the powers that be catch on!

  2. Thanks Chuck. Luckily TWC SportsNet signed a contract with DIRECTV last month. Thankfully for me I'm a DTV customer.

    I feel really bad for Laker fans who are Dish customers. Dish released a statement to not sign a deal with TWC SportsNet. Man, that sucks for them.


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