Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - Two Lakers Art Pieces up for Vote on RareInk.com

Hey Laker fans, since it is Election Day today, it's only appropriate to remind you that RareInk.com has two Lakers art pieces up for vote. The folks over at RareInk do a really cool thing by allowing fans to vote for which memorial NBA moment/player to create as the next limited edition art piece.

Currently for the month of November there are two Laker pieces up for vote on RareInk.com

First, in the "dynamic duos" category poll, results are as follows:
  • MJ/Pippen 61%
  • Duncan/Robinson 22%
  • Shaq/Kobe 9%
  • Wade/LeBron 5%
Second, in the "great Laker moments" category poll, results are as follows:
  • Magic's jr sky hook 38%
  • Kobe to Shaq alley opp vs portland 36%
  • Horry's "3" vs the Kings 13%
  • Fisher's .04 shot vs the Spurs 11%
The dynamic duo category is of more importance since it means one less Laker piece if Shaq/Kobe loses.

Be sure to cast your vote today by clicking below!


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