Saturday, September 29, 2012

Floppers will pay...literally TrueHoop senior writer Henry Abbott wrote an article and shared his thoughts about how the league in the upcoming season will now begin the process of fining NBA players who get caught flopping on video. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

The league is finally taking full advantage of the on-demand new media era that we've been living in for some time now. The lucky person who will be delegated the job of penalizing floppers will benefit from high-def instant replay and high-def post-game video review from the comfort of his lounger chair.   

How will the Ginobili's of the sport react to this? I hope by playing legitimate defense from now on. No more Oscar-worthy performances, just good old fashioned basketball.    

The heftiness of the fines will determine the long-lasting effect of the flop. Will the players continue to throw themselves to the floor or not? I'm assuming that the bench warmers and rookies of the league who aren't making the kind of funny money the elite players are will be taking the new punishment more seriously.    

I say fine $1000 per inch of empty space or over-dramatic fall from the presumed contact point.

One thing we all hope to happen as fans is a better flow to the game. No more impulsive plays like these...

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