Thursday, August 16, 2012

Would you bet on the Lakers to win it all next season?

I'm not a gambling man but curiosity hit me today. How did the Howard acquisition help the Lakers' odds in Vegas? Are they favored to win it all next season? What we've come across might surprise you.

According to via a recent article, Lakers hold the second-best prospects at 11-to-4 behind the favored Miami Heat with 9-4 chances of taking home the Larry O'Brien. Placing second in this situation is a definite win for the Lakers who just months ago were heading into an off season of turmoil and uncertainty. With odds like these you almost have to try your luck. So, it's either a road trip to Vegas or NBA betting on Top Bet as your best betting options. Either way, the odds are not stacked against you!

What say you? Here is the 2012-13 starting line-ups for both the Heat and Lakers:


PG - Mario Chalmers/Steve Nash
SG - Dwyane Wade/Kobe Bryant
SF - LeBron James/Metta World Peace
PF - Shane Battier/Pau Gasol
C - Chris Bosh/Dwight Howard

Does Vegas have it right?

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