Friday, August 10, 2012

Game, Set, Mitch

The feeling of being a Laker fan is pure euphoria. It's like running freely inside your old Windows XP Bliss wallpaper. Fans are spoiled rotten and pout when things don't go their way. Luckily for them they have the greatest GM in basketball.

Kupchak's "ask and you shall receive" policy leaves us dissatisfied with every passing season despite its successes that we neglect to acknowledge.

In 2009 and 2010 Lakers won back-to-back titles. As soon as the cleaning crew finished sweeping up the confetti from the Staples Center floors in game 7, fans were already talking about a three-peat. Those two championship seasons were quickly forgotten. The Lakers failed to bring home a third title in consecutive fashion. That offseason PJ exited and Gasol was left on the chopping block. How quickly we forget that if it wasn't for Mitch obtaining Gasol for Kwame in '08 Lakers wouldn't have even been contenders in seasons '09 - '11.   

This off-season has been equivalent to winning those two championships in my opinion. The Lakers acquire 2-time MVP, 8-time All-Star Steve Nash, pick up a great bench player in Jamison, resign a strong big man reserve in Hill and steal 3-time Defensive Player of the Year, 6-time All-Star Dwight Howard from Orlando.

Mitch wins the mirror ball trophy for all the moves he's pulled this offseason.  

Don't forget - we are the luckiest fans on the planet. So rather than pout, lets remember off seasons like these when times get tough. As long as we have Mitch, there will always be a plan B when needed.

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