Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sessions is that much closer to Jordan

As quickly as Ramon Sessions became a fan favorite when he was acquired by the Lakers mid season, he's now a thing of the past.

Sessions is a Los Angeles Laker no more. I guess Jack will have to whisper in Nash's ear from now on. Ramon will be replacing D.J. Augustin for the Jordan owned Charlotte Bobcats. The details of the 2-year deal have not been given.

As far as the starting role goes, we'll have to wait and see as the Bobcats just drafted UConn sensation Kemba Walker as their ninth pick. It will be a battle between those two for more minutes.

Here's what Sessions will have to compete with:

Laker fans expected this to happen since picking up Nash but deep down inside they were still hoping that Sessions would stay as a solid back up.

Instead the Lakers will use Blake and Morris as Steve's back up. I'm happy with that. Blake is shooting more confidently these days and Morris has definite promise.

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