Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lakers bench slumbers no more

Holy bejeebers Batman! Did the Lakers just pick up who I think they just picked up? Laker fans are you telling me that the Busses have agreed to sign Antawn Jamison - who by the way has a career average of 19.5 points and 7.9 rebounds - at a veteran's minimum one year salary of just $1.4 mill? You do know that he was the highest paid Cav last season raking in a little over $15 mill right?

This is as shocking as the Lakers snagging Keystone Light snagging Steve Nash. I tell ya, this off season just keeps getting better! It's quite clear that Jamison has one objective in mind coming near the end of his NBA career and that's to win the last game of a season. Do you blame the guy? His situation is worse than former teammate LeBron's of not winning a title. At least LeBron finally got his in his ninth season. 14-Year vet Antawn has yet to do so and he's betting his entire NBA career on purple and gold.

Jamison plays both forward positions and brings to the bench not only NBA experience as a whole but also brings experience playing with former Dallas Maverick teammate Steve Nash. Is it coincidental that Jamison had his best shooting season (FG% .535 & 3P% .400) while playing alongside Nash in 2003-04? That season he embraced his roll as a reserve having only started in two games so coming off the bench next season feeding off Nash will manifest itself naturally.

One thing is for certain, Kupchak keeps ridiculously improving the Lakers 2012-13 roster. It's as if he's going off the Mayan calendar. We haven't even landed what would be the biggest off season move of all time (a bit of an exaggeration of course). I'm not going to bother giving you the latest on the Superman coaster since those trade rumors move faster than the other Superman coaster over at Six Flags.     

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