Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dexter's take on the Lakers landing Nash while still keeping Gasol

I just read a great article by Dexter Fishmore who covers the Lakers over at and contributes for SBN Los Angeles.

He makes a very interesting point about L.A. acquiring Steve Nash while keeping their big man. I just had to share what I think we all failed to realize or at least I did.

He explains:
Who can people who hate the Lakers blame for all this?
Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban. Remember, the Lakers should have had Chris Paul after they fairly negotiated a trade with the Hornets that would've sent CP3 to Los Angeles for Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. Gilbert and Cuban bitched up a storm to David Stern, who caved to their whining and killed the deal in the infamous "basketball reasons" episode. That triggered Lamar Odom's meltdown, which quickly led to his being dealt to Dallas in return for nothing. And that created the traded-player exception by which the Lakers are able to pay Nash $25 million over three years. So the Lake Show gets Nash instead of Chris Paul and get to keep Gasol for their troubles. Excellent work, Gilbert and Cubes! You guys are the best.
Good stuff. Hey everything happens for a reason right?

Click here for Dexter's entire article.

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