Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trade Bynum – USA Basketball Olympic Hopes

Kupchak is going to have a busy summer. He will need to convince Jim Buss to let go of Baby Bynum who only plays well when he feels like it.  When the filter-less Andrew Bynum stated that “I’ll play anywhere” during the locker room interview after game 5, it proved that Bynum is indifferent towards the Lakers and the fans. He needs to just pause for a second or two before answering questions irrationally.   

Jim Buss will likely compel Kupchak to keep Bynum even though he cannot be trained or motivated. We know that Bynum can play well; in game 1 of the 1st round, Bynum had 10 blocks, 10 points and 13 rebounds - an NBA record. We also know that Bynum cannot play well consistently; he dropped off the map after game 1. Bynum was aloof during some of the team huddles by sitting on the bench staring into space.   

One may assume that Bynum’s knee prevents him from playing well every night. If he were to play well every night, I believe that his knee would be over-taxed. The Lakers obviously have access to Bynum’s medical records – especially relating to his knees. According to ESPN news, Bynum will be receiving knee treatment in Germany in September (similar to Kobe’s successful treatment). Bynum still needs to be traded. The Lakers do not need another Yao Ming. 

One can observe from previous Lakers games that Bynum’s knee is far from 100%. During games, he would fall on the right side as to avoid aggravating his knee.   

Bynum lacks respect. You do not blow off a meeting with Management (Mitch Kupchack) when you are requested to attend. In most occupations, when you miss a meeting with management, you are cited for insubordination.

I will leave you with this Bynum quote: "I'll definitely entertain the conversation, but I'm not seeking it." Bynum also said, "I'm not reaching out." – In regards to a contract extension. 

2012 USA – Basketball Team
Laker fans need not wait too long to see Kobe in action. Olympic basketball starts on July 29 – USA against France.

The preliminary roster can be viewed here:

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