Sunday, May 20, 2012

The fat lady singing is imminent

Lets just face the music Laker fans, the fat lady will be singing tomorrow night and it'll come to the tune of thousands of OKC fans chanting "Beat L.A."

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here, I am a die-hard fan like everyone else but I have to be levelheaded. Let's just say for whatever reason the Lakers miraculously win three straight to advance to the conference finals, L.A. will most likely be facing a perfect San Antonio team who's yet to lose in the playoffs. Lakers beating the Spurs is not going to happen. This season belongs to someone else. 

It's okay though because after having to painfully watch the Lakers gift wrap yet another game to OKC, the reality of the opponent simply being the better team heavily sunk in and accepted. Many fans will have difficulty accepting such a reality as they seek perfection, a silly expectation created by past rosters. Unfortunately the current roster isn't made up of 17th banner material.

We all knew that the Lakers were the underdogs coming into the series so anything given to fans outside of the predetermined is just tortuous hope. The inevitable outcome will only leave new fans in outrage and old fans expecting to see their team fully exposed and blown up in the off season...again.

Pau Gasol has been the usual suspect in trade talks for several seasons now and given how he's performed in these playoffs look for his name to be advertised for a possible two-for deal. The Spaniard didn't help his case either. So far in the playoffs, he's exceeded his 17.4 PPG regular season average just once. The teams usually effective 1-2 punch in Kobe/Pau has been reduced to exhausting jabs by Kobe. Luckily for the Lakers Denver had a weak chin. OKC does not.

Ramon Sessions will most likely opt out of his contract leaving the Lakers organization with the all too familiar void at the one spot. Sessions played great for the Lakers when they acquired him mid season but has shown clear weakness in comparison to a much quicker gunslinging Russell Westbrook. Westbrook's 25-point series average has debunked Sessions who is averaging a mere 6.5 PPG.

With Andrew Bynum's career season high look for Kupchak to pick up his $16.5 million option in the Summer. Things will get really dicey after next season though since both Bynum and Howard can potentially be free agents. Until then, we'll have to deal with Bynum's immaturity and separation from the team.

So the big off season question still remains, will the organization keep Sessions as their #1 option or will they focus on picking up someone else that can help orchestrate and put together this championship caliber team? Kobe offense, whether forced or not, will not lead this team to another championship title. It's no wonder why point distribution is an ongoing issue.


  1. This is the end-of-season article I'm sure you were going you didn't have to write. This perfectly sums it all up though. This isn't the team...

  2. @ seedster333

    As much as it sucked writing this way about the Lakers, it's the absolute truth. Like you said, this isn't the team.

    The Lakers are missing their Westbrook, a great PG who can help in the points category.

    Perhaps D. Williams?

  3. The lakers need to start shipping stars out and gettin newer younger ones back in. Its the end of the artest gasol era! i wrote al about the laker okc game right here


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