Monday, April 9, 2012

What a Pau-werful month thus far

While selfish Andrew Bynum is taking early April showers, Kobe on the bench taxing a left shin with no spring and the Lakers bench acting like April fools, Gasol is not one to passover the opportunity to step up, in fact he's already had 4:20 plus point games.

Just in the month of April the Spaniard is averaging 22 PPG/10 RPG (6 games) and has been a critical part to the teams successful modest 4-2 record so far in this final month of the regular season, despite the aforementioned setbacks.

Since being dunked on by Griffin just a week ago, Gasol is averaging 23 PPG/11 RPG. Wounds still fresh, Pau has definitely moved on in the best way he can, by winning.

Fellow teammate Bynum might've been disrespectfully grinning while Gasol lay on the floor after that vicious dunk but at least Pau didn't bitch down. Next time, instead of running away smirking, try running toward your teammate in his defense.

It's fair to say that Gasol is having one heck of a month thus far and with San Antonio, Dallas and OKC waiting in the wing, any kind of jump start to the Lakers offense and defense is truly going to be needed if the Lakers intend to end the season strong and carry that momentum into the playoffs.

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  1. Happy Gasol is there to pick up the slack, will Kobe be back for the Spurs match up on Wed??

  2. It appears that Kobe will be sitting out for tomorrow's game. Coach Pop is not playing Duncan, Parker and Ginobili so this should be a wash.


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