Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sessions is getting it done

When the dust settled after March 15th it was shockingly clear that the Lakers organization had finally made the bold move in trading Fisher for a quicker point guard. The end result was a backup guard coming in from Cleveland by the name of Ramon Sessions.

At first loyal fans seemed reluctant to welcome in Sessions having just essentially replaced Derek Fisher who spent the better part of his sixteen year NBA career with the purple and gold but the welcome mats started to quickly show as the newly acquired guard wasted no time reminding fans how important quickness and savvy court vision was to their superstar-packed Lakers team. This void in the back court was desperately needing filling for a while now. In fact the fans were not only welcoming Sessions with open arms but were also throwing a fit with coach Brown's slow approach to moving Ramon up in the rotation. Heck Sessions even got the seal of approval from Jack.

That didn't take long as Brown officially made Sessions the team's number one option at the one after just four games of becoming a Laker. Since then Ramon is averaging 14 PPG w/ 8 APG (11 games). Not too shabby for the second string Cavalier who was averaging 11 PPG in the first 42 games of the season.

It is an unfamiliar luxury for the Lakers to have a starting point guard contributing with double digit numbers. Sessions can push the ball up court and create shots not only for himself but more importantly for his teammates. To put it into few words, he simply makes the Lakers a better team. There's more ball movement, better point distribution and a new found balance that allows this team to finally play like one.

Needless to say Sessions has become an instant fan favorite. There's a new #7 in town.

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