Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Metta loses a lot of chedda for elbow

It's official, the league has suspended Metta World Peace's elbow for a total of seven games. This means that he will miss the last game of the regular season [no big deal] and six games of the postseason [really big deal].

The seven-game suspension will cost both MWP's wallet and team greatly. As for Metta's chedda, the NBA is biting off roughly $348,000 from his salary and as for the team, they will be without World Peace for the last game of the season and at least the first round of the playoffs, possibly a couple games to start the 2012-13 regular season assuming they get swept from the first round. One thing's for certain, Metta will only be able to help his team pursue their 17th trophy if L.A. moves past the first round. 

All of this because of an uncontrollable energy that Ron Artest (lets call him what he truly is) will never be able to tame. It's in his genetics to snap and go crazy when slightly jolted. Not even the best sports betting sites can predict this type of behavior.

If any opponent is smart enough they would throw in a deep bench warmer to provoke such an Artest reaction to get him suspended for more games. Somewhat like the Hack-a-Shaq defensive strategy, but only this time it would be the Hack-a-crack defensive strategy.

Having Artest on this Lakers squad is a huge liability and knowing very well that his mental state will never allow him to change, I think its time to release Ron Ron to perhaps pursue his rap-rapping career.

Lets take a stroll down memory lane to where it all started for Artest shall we?

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