Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lakers win despite Metta's elbow

Despite losing Metta World Peace for a possible five game suspension because of his atrocious elbow blow to the back of Harden's head in the midst of his dunk celebration, the Lakers find a way to somehow miraculously comeback from an 18-point deficit to beat a very tough OKC team.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Metta definitely has a screw loose (hence the recent name change). If a simple Harden bump sets him off just imagine what other awful things Metta can do? The man has some serious mental issues that need to be addressed. 

The old Indiana Pacer showed his ugly face today and his cheap shot will not only hurt his under construction image for the better but will cost the team dearly, especially with the playoff's just around the corner. Take a look for yourself.

This hit was no accident like some delusional fans are claiming it was, Metta knew exactly what he was doing and has to face the consequences now.

What bugged me the most about the hit was the fact that MWP was continuously trying to plead his case to the refs that the hit was accidental as Harden laid on the floor. Even the fans were booing at the foul call. Are you serious? That type of behavior should never be tolerated let alone advocated by a home crowd. It was disgusting.

Okay enough of Metta's stupidity. Today's game actually had many highlights with the biggest one of all, a double overtime victory over the visiting OKC Thunder. Today's win makes the Clippers reaching the #3 spot a bit tougher.

Laker Highlights

Kobe Bryant's unbelievable late fourth quarter and double-OT heroics. The Black Mamba slithered away with a team high 26 points. He caught fire and his two clutch three-pointers, one of them one-footed helped take this game to the first of two overtimes.

Lakers Bench: Steve Blake played great while Sessions had an off game. Blake scored 13 and went 3-5 behind the arc. His three's late the in fourth were a BIG reason for the Lakers biggest comeback victory of the season.

Jordan Hill has his biggest game as a Laker thus far. He was given significant playing time (35 min.) due to Bynum's off game. It's almost as if Bynum and Sessions went to the same party last night. Hill's first Laker double-double consists of 14PTS/15REBS. Not bad. His hustle created second shot opportunities and reminded me of the old Laker Ronny Turiaf.

Devin Ebanks played inspired basketball. His stat sheet doesn't reflect his true impact to the game. Every one of his eight points were needed. He also brought down five rebounds and had two steals to end the game.

Pau Gasol did his thing. He got his ninth double-double and almost quietly got his second triple-double of the month. He ended the game with 20PTS/14RREBS/9ASSISTS.      

Metta's malicious elbow will surely overshadow these highlights. As a fan I hope the league punishes him harshly. He needs to realize how appalling his actions were. It only hurts the Lakers organization which is just getting over cleaning up Bynum's mess from his elbow to Barea last postseason.

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  1. Great work Eric- YOu do an amazing job!! Lakers fans unite!!

  2. first off his elbow hit the side of the face not the back of the head but regardless where he hit him he made a mistake in the heat of the moment. don't slander a person for changing his name and saying he has a screw loose yes he has problems but to down him for them is just not right. and to call some of the fans "delusional" wtf dude look at the raider games now those fans have issues. my point is mwp is a good player with issues but i dont down him or a few fans..yes it was a awful elbow and should never been thrown but shit happens get over it and move on.....

  3. @ Anonymous

    You must be one of those delusional fans that this article is referring to...and you also must be a Raider fan to top.

    MWP is very lucky his elbow made contact to the side of Harden's head. If he would've made full contact to the back of the hard, the effects both physically and financially would have been much worse.

    I applaud your efforts in trying to justify the hit as not being as awful in hind sight.

    Slander his name change? Metta World Peace means exactly how it reads, Metta (lovingkindness) World Peace (need I say more?) He purposely changed his name to better his celebrity but his recent collapse reminded us fans who he truly is, Ron Artest from Indiana. His actions alone slandered his name not whoever wrote this article.

    I'm 100% with the premise of this article. Metta/Ron has serious mental issues like Rodman had/has. If you follow Ron Artest on Twitter you would know that in his off time (suspension) he's busy promoting his mix tape and appearing on Conan last night. Really? I see he's working hard to better himself.

    The screw being loose is a bit harsh to say but a known fact. Ron is responsible for the biggest player-fan fight ever.

    MWP is a great player but when he does stupid shit like elbow a defenseless player on the back, oops I mean SIDE of his head he's clearly not thinking about any consequences to himself and most importantly to his team.

    Shit happens like you've stated but this could've been prevented. Your comments are alarming, almost to say it was okay since Harden got back up. What if he didn't? Would "shit" still happen?

    Get rid of MWP or have him seek professional help to deal with his anger issues. Perhaps hire a team psychiatrist if they haven't already.

    The Lakers don't need a distraction, they need help, especially from the bench.

  4. Hey guys,

    We all need to relax here. HAHA. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    I appreciate all comments whether positive or negative.

    Anonymous made great points and he's right my article has strong and derogatory comments however this is a blog site that allows for such criticism. I am no expert NBA analyst, I am a die-hard Laker fan like all of us here. My comments are expressed from pure emotion and what I say is also my own opinion.

    I never regret what I have to say but I do acknowledge and respect what everyone else has to say. For that thank you for taking the time to leave your comments.

    Jimmy - Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. I honestly feel that what Metta did was unprofessional and his actions have been dealt with. His return is highly anticipated and we as fans are lucky to have him on the team.

    I strongly feel that his efforts alone in game 7 was the reason why we have our 16th O'Brien. I say what I feel about not just him but about every Laker. Such freedom is the sole reasoning behind creating this site. I need to express what I feel and I hope you guys can respect that.

    Again, thank you for your comments and honesty. All of your comments are read and taken constructively if negative.

    Go Lakers! They will close the series tonight. OKC next!


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