Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lakers have hidden depth

When Sessions was acquired by the Lakers he brought in great depth to the bench as the #2 option to Blake but from just a couple of games it became apparent that Blake's quickness compared to Fisher's was no longer inspired compared to Sessions, in fact Ramon's talents quickly became the next hot topic debate.

Should Sessions stay on the bench to serve as the Lakers secret second unit weapon or should he become a starter to match the league's fast pace and help the team build a strong enough lead to where there was enough cushion for the bench to absorb their falls?

Regardless, the outcome is the latter and I personally like the first string Sessions. L.A. needs to start each game strong and there's no other point guard on the team that can match his speed and court vision. He's the perfect candidate for the job.

Going back to the premise of this topic - Lakers have hidden depth - and by hidden I mean Lakers have neglected talent that should be given more playing time outside of late fourth quarter blowouts.

I will start with Andrew Goudelock. After watching last night's second half ass-kicking by the Spurs, I realized, especially after watching San Antonio's tear drops go in, where the hell is Glock? Remember his pretty tear drop shots early on in the season? The man is clutch and played exceptionally well when he had minutes. 

In the five games this season where he received 20+ minutes he averaged 12PPG. The current #2 back up to Sessions is Steve Blake who is averaging 23 min. and just 5PPG. Blake has had plenty of opportunity (51 games) to help contribute with notable minutes. Its time for change. Why not give the rookie a chance to shine? Goudelock has already proven that he can be a scoring threat when given some PT.

Didn't the Lakers also just pick up Jordan Hill? With a $2.8 million dollar salary one would think the team would try to get their money's worth. Barnes and Murphy who are making less are getting more minutes. This makes no sense to me. 

In games where your star center brings down a total of two rebounds you have to wonder why not dare venture into the bench for some assistance. The Lakers have the talent, they're just not using it wisely. So far this season as a Rocket and when getting 20+ minutes, Hill managed to crash the boards for an average of 9REBS. Those nine rebounds were needed in last night's blowout. Hill also averaged 8 points from those 20+ min. games.

Hill has only played a total of 15 minutes as a Laker whereas Troy Murphy is averaging 16 minutes a game and only contributing 3PPG/3RPG. I can almost guarantee you that if Hill got Murphy's minutes this team would be a lot tougher inside, resulting in more second shot opportunities.

I like Josh McRoberts role off the bench. He brings in that necessary spark with his alley-oops and sweet passes for a big man. I would like MWP to come off the bench and Matt Barnes at the starting 3. In my opinion Barnes is the overall better player but Metta is better defensively. I think coach Brown is doing a good job subbing between the two when their skills call.

The one Laker I particular feel bad about is Devin Ebanks who is a fantastic player. He recently was granted favorable minutes because of Kobe's shin injury but will most likely go back into the burrows of the bench mob now that Kobe is healthy again. Matt Barnes and Metta World Peace are filling in quite well as reserves too.

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