Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kobe who?

While team captain/league's leading scorer fashions a designer suit for the fifth straight game, the Lakers have already celebrated clinching the #3 spot in the western conference. Also, with a 4-1 Black Mamba-less record, some are even boldly asking the taboo question, "Are the Lakers better without Kobe?"

Don't be ridiculous, this teams isn't better without Kobe Bryant. To even dare ask such a question is disturbing HOWEVER the Lakers are filling in quite well and playing exceptional team basketball in his absence. You can't ignore the fact that as of recent the Lakers appear to be playing with a new found purpose. Almost teasing the idea of bringing back to life last season's "switch" chatter.

Here's a list of notable players that Kobe's left shin should be thanking for the extended R&R since he was placed on the IL on April 7th (5 games):
  • Ramon Sessions is averaging 13 PPG and 6 APG
  • Metta World Peace is averaging 17 PPG and 2 steals per game
  • Matt Barnes is averaging 12 PPG and 8 RPG
  • Pau Gasol is averaging 22 PPG and 11 RPG
  • Andrew Bynum is averaging 22 PPG and 17 RPG
So far this month the Lakers are 7-2 and only look to go 12-2 to end the season. With this kind of success and team chemistry, bring on the rain!

Top photo credit: Getty Images

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