Monday, April 9, 2012

Bynum Hits a New Low

Andrew Bynum hit his new low when he got fouled out of the Rockets game on April 6th.  Of all of the nights, Bynum gets fouled out of the Laker game where Jerry West received accolades with his former teammates. You know… the game where Jerry West and company won 33 consecutive games.

We all thought that Drew was going through etiquette rehab.

Bynum’s erratic behavior leads to his teammates picking up his slack. His teammates are more likely to get injured when he is ejected from any game.

Many of the sports commentators are missing the point. Bynum is being selfish. He is putting himself before the team. He harms the team and the Lakers franchise with his selfish antics. 

Bynum needs to remember that suiting up as a Laker is an honor. One shall not remove the jersey like a rag.

If West or Johnson cannot get through to Bynum, he should stop suiting up as a Laker. 

Pau Gasol said it best; "He's a great guy, a great person and has a great heart. He just has to emotionally bring it down a little bit."

-LA Times

Top photo credit: Getty Images

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