Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Masked Mamba never to reveal his identity

To wear or not to wear? Kobe has gone mad since he's devised the Hamilton contraption. In just three games of becoming the fan favorite "Masked Mamba" Kobe has averaged 34 points helping his team begin the second half of the season in a perfect 3-0 fashion.

Kobe has acclimated to his facial sauna with no despair and his shooting game has reaped the benefits. When your superstar guard is shooting 54.3% inside the arc (L3-70 FGA), you have to question if its superstitious to just keep the Masked Mamba's identity concealed.

This begs the cliche, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Ironically Kobe's fiery start to the latter part of the season is in result to a broken nose that needed fixing.

So does Kobe risk killing his momentum by taking off the plastic or does he just keep that damn thing on? Maybe this is why Rip Hamilton never took his off.

One thing's for certain, Kobe is playing phenomenal basketball since the "freak" accident. The team is playing uniformly now and look post-season strong again.

Photo credit: AP 2012-03-04

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