Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lakers are top 3 in the Western Conference

Lets be honest here, how many of you would've guessed that the Lakers would be sitting at the #3 spot in the Western Conference standings this late in the season after all the drama that happened pre-Christmas Day?

Their current record of 25-16 is as shocking as a slow played ace. In the last 10 games the Lakers are 7-3, having beat the leagues top team Miami Heat (at the time) but also having been beaten by the second worst Washington Wizards. The purple and gold have collectively found a rhythm that seems to be working and more importantly Kobe has finally found trust in his teammates (i.e. Bynum in the closing seconds of Sunday's Boston game).

Its clear that the Lakers are standing the test of time. Dallas, Boston, New York are all having difficulty mirroring last seasons successions while the Lakers are staying in familiar territory among the top 3 in their conference.

So whats the secret? Even after losing their star 6th MOTY and leaving team morale at an all-time low, how does this L.A. team do it year after year? Its simple, teamwork and the will to never give up especially when staring down the eye of adversity.

No matter what league disqualification, bitter Hollywood separation, personal issues, new coaching system, the Los Angeles Lakers always find a way to carry through. It may be tough as hell at times but at the end of the day this team reminds its fans that they will never disappoint. How can you when you have Kobe Bryant still lacing his shoes?

With only 25 games left in the season the Lakers have a solid chance to pass San Antonio and who knows even pass OKC for the top spot in the WC. Here's the reality of all of this, as we all know the Lakers are horrible on road (7-14) and unfortunately they have 12 more away games left in the regular season. However Lakers are a very impressive 18-2 at home. Now if they just play well consistently at home and turn things around when touching ground, their 2011-12 regular season record could be as tremendous as their momentum carrying into the postseason.

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