Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kobe shooting 3-21 isn't such a bad thing

Listen Kobe, I'm not going to sit here and pout over you having a [very] bad shooting performance today against the visiting Hornets who by the way were without Ariza, Landry, Okafor, Gordon (sore ankles/knees). A win is a win right?

One particular tweet comes to mind from @WhoCanTopDat:
"I'll take an UGLY win...over a PRETTY loss any day"
When Kobe shoots badly, for instance 3-21 in FG's, his teammates should jump to the opportunity to help save the day. I mean this opportunity doesn't come knocking too often, especially when you play alongside the league's leading scorer.

So, who would be next in the pecking order to help carry the offensive load when team captain is having an off night? Gasol? Bynum? MWP? Sessions? Bench?

It really shouldn't matter who steps up as long as that player can acclimate quickly into the role that Kobe makes look easy. We all know Kobe will [attempt to] get his game in and game out as he's averaging 23 FGA and 28 PPG so teammates should absolutely make the most of their added touches when he fails to do so.

Today's win is perfect example of what I'm talking about. Both big men stepped up and played well in Kobe's scoring absence. Gasol had 21 points w/ 11 rebounds and Bynum had 19 points w/ 10 rebounds, both players ending the game with a double double. Meanwhile Sessions has a quiet double double of his own scoring 10 points and adding 10 assists.

Why does Kobe shoot so much?
Also, I don't care if Kobe goes 1-100, I'm still drawing up a play for him to take the final shot, assuming that the Lakers are lucky enough to be in contention that late in the game with that kind of shooting percentage. Kobe may have not been able to throw the ball in the ocean while in a boat like he said post-game but the ocean was sure kind to him when he splashed in his three-pointer to regain the lead in the closing seconds of the game.

So, when Kobe System isn't working, Team System should. Kobe is arguably the best player in the league but he sometimes plays with no peripheral vision which limits his teammates game, whom two are easily among the top big men of the league. If the remaining players, specifically Gasol and Bynum can step it up like they did today, Kobe's lackluster games shouldn't be as bad in hindsight. In fact teammates should think of this as the light at the end of Kobe's tunnel vision. Divide and conquer!

Sources:, Yahoo! Sports
Photo source: Getty Images

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