Friday, February 10, 2012

The Yellow Mamba strikes in New York

The Los Angeles Lakers look to win two in row from their grueling 6-game road trip (longest of the season) in Madison Square Garden but fail to study up on 2-year point guard Jeremy Lin who is averaging 25 points from his last three games coming into tonight's game. It's Lin-sanity for crying out loud. His name is plastered everywhere in NYC.

Everyone knows that Kobe likes to shine especially bright playing in MSG (averages 30pts) and rarely disappoints when given such a stage but tonight the Black Mamba was struck by a deadlier Yellow Mamba of the Jeremaspis Linepis serpent family.

Who is this undrafted Jeremy Lin kid? Its not expected that a basketball player from an ivy league school like Harvard prevail in the NBA right? Lin who is Chinese-American from Palo Alto, California has proven to be the next best thing since Yao Ming in just four games.

To give you some perspective of how well Lin is playing right now, in his rookie season last year he averaged just 3 points playing in only 29 games and only scoring in double digits in two of those 29 games.

Today, playing in his second season he's averaging (lets count his last four games) 28.5 points and 8 assists. Unbelievable! This goes to show that a superstar can be born when given quality minutes and trust from his coach. From being just another (very deep in rotation) scrub to now being 78% owned in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy leagues. Jeremy Lin is no fluke, he is the real deal.

Tonight Lin scores a game/career high 38 points and pretty much anatomized the Lakers like he did back in his Harvard lab days.  

In an ending note - The NBA has been deemed less "amazing" this season and should be very thankful that Jeremy Lin has single-handedly reawakened not just Knicks fans but all fans, particularly of the Asian community.

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  1. "Yellow Mamba" is not an okay nickname. Have some sense.


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