Saturday, February 4, 2012

Philly to welcome their 5th all-time NBA scorer

On this 4th day of February 2012, Kobe Bryant needs just 50 points to pass Shaq as 5th all-time NBA scorer in regular season points.

The stage is set for Kobe to set his newest mark on treacherous territory. What a covert opportunity to make a personal statement in his native town of Philadelphia.

Kobe's Dad Joe "Jellybean" Bryant played for the Sixers back in the day and Philly expected their hometown high school superstar athlete to follow suit but evidently that wasn't the case. Many say this reason alone shouldn't have justified such hatred and that there's other reasons for their discontent.

If Kobe scores 25+ points tonight in Utah then there's a pretty good chance he'll become the 5th all-time NBA scorer on the very same stepping grounds that paved the way for all of this to happen.

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