Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lakers lost their swagger and now look staggered

There is too much talk about the Lakers needing a point guard. L.A. tends to forget about the "Showtime" era and the swagger that the Lakers once had. Bringing Dwight Howard to the team will revive that lost swagger.

Dwight Howard will bring Showtime back, period.

The Showtime Lakers meant having swagger, excellent basketball and likability. As a Lakers fan, do I like the current team? No. Does this team have swagger? No.

I take that response in two parts.

1. The roster is strange and the Lakers have lost their strut. It only takes one individual to bring back that confident prance as is evident with the Knicks in Jeremy Lin.

2. The Lakers should put a star in. The Lakers need to put a star like Dwight Howard on the team. Kobe cannot do everything alone. People also need to remember that the NBA is entertainment. Laker fans are not being entertained. Shannon and Lamar took a big chunk of that Laker entertainment with them this past off-season. 

Dwight Howard is an excellent player. Howard is charismatic; a commodity that the Lakers are currently deficient in. After you bring charisma to the Lakers, then you will find the proficient point guard.

Let's drop the idea of just getting a point guard. We need to rebuild with Howard and Kobe. Bring Showtime back.

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