Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kobe's broken nose and broken foes

Chris Mullin said it best today on ESPN SportsCenter, "Kobe doesn't feel pain" but if he did the Black Mamba would be as active as an injury prone Andrew Bynum with all the hits he's taken throughout his 15 1/2 year NBA career.

This past weekend during the all-star game Kobe fell victim from yet again another beat defender. Dwayne Wade frustratingly gave a hard foul to a passing Kobe Bryant. This was [in my opinion] a distasteful move by Wade, especially in a game where the chosen elite come out only to please the fans.

Kobe shocked from the hard foul on such a stage nudged it off as if swaying away a pesky fly. His [fractured] nose took the brunt of Wade's weak attempt at the ball and now Kobe is day-to-day, meaning team captain will most likely miss tomorrow's game versus the visiting Timberwolves.

Thanks Wade.

Click on "Read more" just below the share buttons to view our video collage of broken foes (some now teammates) whose motto was, "if you can't beat'em, beat'em".

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