Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rookie Goudelock continues to play well

With every Lakers loss comes the careful eyes on bench production and usually all fingers point to the lack of contribution from second stringer players, specifically from the reserve point guards.

Derek Fisher, Steve Blake, Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock are all employed at the one spot. Besides Fisher's iron man status and clutchness, this selection of point guards for the Lakers isn't all that impressive. Two inexperienced rookies, a very experienced veteran whose retirement door is coming a knockin' and a player who is in fabrication mode with his newly found shooting confidence, there is justifiable concern in the back court.

In a league that was once surplussed with superstar big men, it has now emerged into an advanced generation of quick elite guards. The NBA has been accustomed to taking the old familiar scenic route to the post season all these years but now a much faster league is taking a detour route on a newly developed stretch of highway with no speed limit. Same destination but with faster results.

The Lakers are unfortunately still taking the scenic route. Beyond a defensive role, I don't quite understand why Brown is still starting his veteran when matched with speedy teams. Fisher has started all season and is averaging just over 26 minutes a game. Fisher was criticized earlier in the season for not shooting the ball much but is shooting the ball more now. Despite his increase in FGA he's shooting 37% inside the arc and 32% beyond it which puts him at the bottom compared to his fellow ball handler's percentages. I think its time to put #2 as a #2 option.

Now to the premise of this article. It's known that Steve Blake has become Brown's second option at the point but with his Costochaondral fracture Goudelock or Glock to fans has been filling in just fine. Andrew Goudelock has surprised many people coming off the wood and has gained the trust from coach. In just two games (20+ minutes) he's averaging 13.5 points, shooting 55.6% in FG (10-18) and 62.5% behind the three-point line (5-8). Some would argue that Morris is quicker but he's failed to run this team effectively. Goudelock is a much needed contributor in a team struggling to balance the offense. Andrew just needs to learn a thing or two from Nash who leads the league in assists (179). Glock needs to create good shot opportunities, distribute the rock better and not take what often looks like wild shots that actually go in.

Photo credit: AP 2012-01-29

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